Introduction & History

Through history, for centuries, women have been exploited, up to a point where women have started to look upon themselves as less capable and neglect themselves and accept exploitation.

Women’s Welfare Department is working to strengthen women through spiritual practices, to build up their confidence and ability to believe in themselves and their capacities and to help women balance their abundance of emotion, so that man and women can live side by side in mutual respect, mutual understanding and coordinated cooperation.

In the year of 1965 under the guidance of the spiritual master P.R Sarkar, WWD was founded. The aim was to set up an organization by women for women, a platform for personal and social change towards the betterment for women and children.

Today Women’s Welfare Department is a Global organization, working in more than 180 countries around the world.

Objectives of WWD

  • To help women develop the self-knowledge and self-confidence to break free from outdated paradigms and stereotypes.

  • To provide aid and shelter for women, girls and children who have been exploited or need support. Organize women to render relief services wherever necessary.

  • To run educational programs for children, which promotes the ideals of a universal society based on holistic principles

  • To provide women access to education so that they may become socially and economically independent.

  • To encourage 100% literacy among women and provide opportunities and financial aid for higher education and research.

  • To teach women effective techniques which, when integrated into daily life, aid personal growth, spiritual development and enhances physical and mental health.

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